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I. Use of the microscope. This section provides instruction on how to use the light microscope.

II. Histological Staining and Cell Structure. Introduction to the structure of the cell and the methods used in histology to visualize cells and tissues.


This section of the study outline generally follows the order of topics found in Histology, A Text and Atlas, by Ross, Romrell and Kaye, 3rd edition. This outline is intended to serve as a guide for the examination of tissue specimens by correlating the descriptive material found in the Atlas with the sections included in the virtual lab.

In the following sections of this outline, the name of each tissue is followed by the numbers of the Plate(s) and Figure(s) in Ross, Romrell and Kaye that illustrate it and the number(s) of the microscope Slide(s) on which that particular tissue can be found. Using the text as a guide, locate each tissue on the slides that are listed and identify the structures described in the text. "Comments" on the outline provide additional instructions, as well as such information as the type of stain (when known) used on the tissue being examined. Although this outline is intended for self-study do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are unable to locate or identify the structures indicated.

Lab Outlines for Tissues
I Epithelium
II Glands and Secretion
III Connective Tissue
IV Cartilage
V Bone
VI Blood
VII Muscle
VIII Nervous System
IX Cardiovascular System
X Lymphoid Tissue
XI Digestive System
XII Integument
XIII Respiratory System
XIV Urinary System
XV Male Reproductive System
XVI Female Reproductive System
XVII Endocrine System

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